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The Lake Engure is a unique European wetland and one of the most important nature protection sites in Latvia. It has been nationally protected since 1957 (bird reserve 1957ā€“1998, nature park since 1998). Lake Engure is also the Ramsarsite since 1995 when Latvia joined the Convention, the Important Bird Area and the proposed Natura 2000 site. The site holds 15 species and 23 habitats (8 of them priority) of Community importance listed in Bird and Habitat Directives, as well as 18 species of Bern Convention.

Both, national and international nature conservation authorities have recognized the importance of this site. It resulted in several projects for conservation and management funded by both national and international organisations. The most recent of these projects (1998-2000) was the elaboration of Management Plan for Lake Engure Nature Park funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Latvian Environmental Protection fund. LIFE project is based on this management plan, it aims at implementation of the most urgent management measures foreseen in the management plan, elaborated by joint efforts of Latvian Fund for Nature, Ministry of Environment of Latvia and local communities. The objective of the plan is the conservation of 5 fish and 3 plant species listed in the Annex 2 of Directive 92/43/EEC, 3 bird species of Directive 79/409/EEC and 23 habitats listed in the Annex 1 of Habitats Directive. Management actions proposed in the plan will contribute to the economic development of the region providing more income and creating new jobs in the region with high unemployment level.